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  • CRM System and Prospect Database

    1. Internet system with ability to call
    2. Database of prospects (many countries)
    3. You or Your employees callout
    4. or telemarketeres from out work market

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  • Need a prospect database?

    We sell databases:
    1. Different filter criteria
    2. Choose the country
    3. Choose the sector
    4. Choose the region (eg. city)
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  • Temp Work Agency:

    1. Registered sales reps in our database can work for You
    2. Pay hourly rate
    3. choose local or foreign employee (language)
    4. Tools to monitor Your new rep

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  • Looking for a job?

    Register with us
    1. get work as a sales rep
    2. sell on the phone from home
    3. or work on the internet
    If our customer chooses You as their sales rep, You will earn money

    Registration is a ready to use business tool, from a CRM with a prospect database, with a list of teleoperators registered wth us and ready to service You at low cost (we are a Temp Work Agency, You manage the teleoperator directly)

  1. Prospect database
  2. Cost effective

No time. to look for prospects


We give You a system, database of prospects, and all You have to do is contact these prospects to sell Your products. We provide You all the tools.

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Cheaper telemarketing. Our reps can help You...

image is not just a system and database, but also sales reps waiting to sell Your products, You choose the person, we invoice You and we take care of the finances with the delegated sales rep


Telemarketing, Sprzedaż Telefoniczna - System CRM

System + Database + Knowhow + Teleoperators = Selling Success. ... connecting Your Sales Dots :)


our organization

Our main office is located in Poland, however we have Partner companies in other countries in Europe.
If You are interested in talking with a sales representative, please send an email via the contact form, the most appropriate person will get in touch straight away.

If You are interested in opening a local sales office, also write to us, its possible that You will be ahead of Your competition !

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